Carrollton hardwood flooring

It’s no surprise that hardwood is one of the most popular flooring options for Irving and Carrollton homeowners; it’s natural, durable, and has countless styles to complement any décor. Hardwood floors increase property values and add timeless warmth. It is important to protect this investment. Here are seven tips for making your hardwood floors stand the test of time:

1. Take off your shoes when you enter the home, and ask your guests to shed their sneakers too.

Shoes protect our feet from the dirt and grime of the outdoors. When they’re worn inside, they bring in sand and small rocks, where they ding and scratch your hardwood.

2. Place floor mats strategically.

We suggest placing mats by every entryway, in hallways, and in places with high foot traffic, like by the kitchen sink. This will reduce focused wear.

3. Vacuum regularly.

Experts indicate that we should be vacuuming weekly (more often for pet owners and large, active families), but very few Texans take heed of this advice. Vacuuming removes dust and hair follicles that can slowly wear down your floor’s finish.

4. Clean your floors with a damp—never soaking wet—mop.

It’s essential to avoid standing water when it comes to hardwood floors. Mopping can help remove unsightly dirt and grime.

5. Be sure to polish your floors.

Polishing your hardwood or adding a wax finish every few months can help protect it from knicks and dings. When considering a new product, make sure it’s hardwood safe. Your flooring experts at Floor Coverings International NW Dallas can help you double check.

6. Avoid moisture at all costs.

Besides the occasional mop, hardwood floors should never get wet. Otherwise, they can warp and buckle. This is especially true in damp environments, like bathrooms. If moisture is a big concern, there are excellent hardwood alternatives that emulate the look and feel of hardwood, such as luxury vinyl tile, faux-wood tile, and laminate.

7. Pets can wreck havoc on hardwood floors.

The main culprit, really, is untrimmed toenails. According to the ASPCA, if you can hear your animal’s nails clicking when he walks, he is overdue for a trimming. Where your pets sleep can have an impact on your hardwood flooring as well. Repeated rubbing of animal hairs can slowly wear away at a floor’s finish. An easy solution is to buy Rover a bed; he and your floors will thank you for it.

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