Who doesn’t love the feeling of soft, warm carpet underfoot? That’s why you can find wall-to-wall carpeting in many Carrollton homes. At Floor Coverings International NW Dallas, we help homeowners in the greater Carrollton, Irving area design their dream floors. Many of our customers ask us about how carpet pile will affect their homes. Here is our quick guide to the differences between loop pile and cut pile carpet.

How It’s Made

The first carpets ever were woven by hand. In fact, there is evidence of hand woven carpets being produced in northern Iran almost four millennia ago. Modern wall-to-wall carpeting is called tufted carpeting. These soft yet durable carpets are made by injecting yarn into a backing material. This process results in rows of loops, which when left intact constitute loop pile carpeting. When each loop is cut to form two individual strands, you have cut pile carpeting.

Soft and Comfortable

When you create cut pile carpeting, you sacrifice durability for comfort. Cut pile carpeting is the most popular carpet pile type for Carrollton homes because of its soft feeling underfoot. Here are some more benefits to cut pile carpeting:

  • Cut pile carpet comes in a tremendous variety, from soft and supple plush to fun and informal frieze.
  • We carry many heavy-duty cut pile options for pet owners and young families.
  • Want to lower your heating or cooling bills? Consider installing cut pile carpet to help insulate your home from our sweltering Dallas summers.
carrollton cut pile carpeting

This gorgeous bedroom uses frieze carpeting to achieve a cozy, casual look.

Strong and Durable

Loop pile carpeting is built to last. With minimal maintenance, your Berber or level loop carpet will last a lifetime. It might not be as comfortable as cut pile, but loop pile is perfect for areas of the home that experience high levels of foot traffic, like entryways and family rooms. Loop pile carpeting is so durable that it is often used in office and even retail settings. Loop pile carpeting is also better for people with allergies.

Carrollton loop pile carpeting

Loop pile carpeting is a great choice for this elegant bedroom with balcony access.

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