The living room is the center of family life for homeowners in Carrollton. Carpet is the most popular flooring choice for this area, but it can be difficult to choose which one is right for your home. Luckily, our experts at Floor Coverings International NW Dallas have done the research for you and have the four best carpets for your living room.


Plush Carpetplush carpet Carrollton

Plush is an attractive traditional carpeting option and one of the most comfortable carpets on the market. It has dense, evenly cut fibers that stand at about ½ an inch high, which gives it a consistent look and feel. Plush has a smooth and velvety texture, giving it a cozy feeling underfoot. If you think your living room deserves an extra dose of snugness and warmth, plush is the answer. Since the fibers are upright and dense, plush can show footmarks or vacuum streaks more frequently than other carpet. However, it will stay durable for years.


berber carpet carrolltonArea Rugs

Area rugs are a great solution for homeowners who like having hardwood or vinyl in their living room but may want to add a touch of softness or warmth. Area rugs provide the feel and look of carpet but don’t require an arduous installation process. There are endless sizes, colors, and designs to choose from. We often recommend that homeowners opt for a large area rug so it becomes a focal point of their living room.


Friezefrieze carpet carrollton

Frieze carpet consists of long fibers that are twisted to create a fluffy and crimpled surface. It comes in single or mixed tone varieties and is popularly found in neutral color palates like brown, tan, and grey. Frieze is especially suited for well-used areas of the home like the living room as it’s highly durable and easy to maintain. One aspect to look out for is that spills can be more difficult to clean up due to its thick and curly surface. Be sure to clean any mess up immediately to avoid permanent staining.


Berberberber carpet carrollton

Berber is a densely looped carpet inspired by the weaving techniques of the Berber people in North Africa. It’s constructed from a wide range of materials including nylon, wool, and olefin. Berber is highly durable and has greater stain resistance than other carpet varieties due to its tight construction. It often comes in neutral colors that can match any space. Since Berber’s comfort underfoot is dependent on the material used, we recommend homeowners opt for Berber made from wool for a softer feel.


Are you interested in installing carpet in your Carrollton living room? The friendly experts at Floor Coverings International NW Dallas are here to help! Call today for a complimentary design consultation and visit from our mobile showroom.


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