If you’re thinking of adding carpeting to your home in the Carrollton or Irving area, you’re at the right place.  Our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International NW Dallas have compiled a list of our most common questions about carpet flooring.

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What is Berber carpet?

Berber carpet is a loop pile carpet style characterized with alternating big and small tufts.  This gives Berber carpet a tight, packed look that doesn’t show footprints or vacuum marks.  Its durability and stain resistance has led to Berber carpet’s popularity among homeowners in the Carrollton and Irving areas.

What are Shaw carpet and Mohawk carpet?

Shaw and Mohawk are two of the industry leaders when it comes to quality carpet products.  Floor Coverings International NW Dallas has relationships with both companies, meaning we work together to help find the perfect carpet flooring for your home.  Both Shaw and Mohawk regularly get high marks in durability, comfort, and price.

How is carpet installed?

Carpet installation is a detailed and difficult process that includes many steps.  Some of those steps include cleaning the subfloor, installing the carpet pad, stapling pad seams, trimming the pad, and measuring and trimming the carpet.  Our carpet flooring experts at Floor Coverings International NW Dallas are best equipped to make your carpet installation process a smooth and easy one.

What is the best carpet?

There really isn’t a “best carpet” in general, but rather a “best carpet for your needs.”  Homeowners looking for comfort in low traffic areas may opt for cut pile carpeting like Saxony or plush.  Those prioritizing durability may find greater value in loop pile carpeting, like Berber.

What is the best carpet for stairs?

It’s most common for carpet on stairs to match whichever type of floor carpeting runs into the staircase.  In some cases, homeowners want carpeting on stairs that are adjacent to other flooring surfaces, like hardwood or tile.  In those situations, we advise homeowners to weigh their priorities.  With heavy up-and-down stairway traffic, loop pile will be able to withstand more constant wear and tear.  However, cut pile may match certain interiors better.


Our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International NW Dallas can answer all of YOUR questions and assist you with all your flooring needs.  Give us a call today at the number below!


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