Homeowners in the Carrollton and Irving love cork flooring because it’s comfortable and eco-friendly. Our experts at Floor Coverings International NW Dallas break down some key facts of cork flooring below.

Cork Flooring


English scientist Robert Hooke was perhaps the first to discover the unique composition of cork. Hooke was more famous for discovering cells, a breakthrough initiated by looking at a thin cutting of cork through a microscope at 50x.

Cork has been used for centuries for all kinds of items. It’s most notable for its function as a wine stopper but is also used for badminton shuttlecocks and fishing floats. Cork is also widely popular for its use in construction materials, from walls and ceilings, to facades and flooring. Cork flooring is an emerging flooring surface primarily because of its eco-friendly nature.


Cork is highly sustainable because it has strict harvesting guidelines. Cork comes from the bark of cork oak trees and can only be harvested from May to August from trees that are at least 25-years-old. After the initial harvest, cork can be picked off trees every ten years. Because these trees live to 150 to 200 years on average, cork harvesters often get 13-18 rounds of harvesting from a single tree. This is highly sustainable compared to regular hardwood, which comes from completely chopping down trees.


Cork has a unique composition, allowing for some bounce-back or give, and providing homeowners maximum comfort during daily usage. Cork flooring is also naturally anti-microbial and an excellent insulator to help guard against heat loss. Our experts at Floor Coverings International NW Dallas recommend cork flooring for all types of rooms.   However, bathrooms are not usually a good option for cork flooring because cork can absorb moisture.

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