cherry wood flooring hardwood kitchenIf you’re in the market for cherry hardwood flooring for your home, Floor Coverings International NW Dallas is your best bet. We offer a wide variety of cherry flooring options in the Carrollton, Irving area. Not sure if cherry is the right hardwood for you? Here are a few things to consider when making your decision.

Why Choose Cherry Wood Flooring?

The top reason to choose cherry wood flooring is its unique look and color. Cherry typically comes in medium to darker stains, and is known for its reddish undertones. It also has a unique circular grain pattern and a smooth, even texture. The look of your cherry floors will also develop over time, as the color can change with exposure to sunlight.

Another reason to consider cherry is affordability. While there are particular stains or finishes that can make cherry floors more expensive, cherry can also be a very affordable choice for those wanting a classic hardwood look.

Brazilian Cherry vs. American Cherry

If you’ve been on the hunt for dark, red-hued hardwood, you have likely encountered Brazilian cherry flooring among the variety of options. While Brazilian cherry (also called “Jatoba”) has a similar look to that of traditional American cherry, it is an entirely different material with its own unique characteristics.

Not sure which one is right for your home? The main factor to consider is durability. On the Janka scale (which is used to determine the hardness of different wood flooring materials), Brazilian cherry rates at 2820 while domestic cherry is at 995. This means that Brazilian cherry wood is considerably harder than its American counterpart. If you are concerned about wear and tear on your hardwoods, know that floors made from American cherry will be far more susceptible to scratching and denting. Of course, you can take measures to protect your cherry floors—using felt pads under furniture and placing rugs in high-traffic areas, for example. The upside to domestic cherry is that it will feel softer underfoot, particularly if standing for long periods of time.

Whether your home is old or new, your decor classic or contemporary, cherry is a beautiful and versatile choice that will never go out of style. Ready to find the right cherry flooring for your Carrollton home? Call us today! Floor Coverings International NW Dallas will give you a free in-home estimate on your next project.

Photo Credit: Artazum