plank hardwood floors in carrolltonPlank hardwood flooring is the flooring type on everyone’s lips in the greater Carrollton area and across the United States as a whole.  Plank hardwood, with its wide board look and long history in US residential and commercial construction, brings a timeless elegance to any home.  At Floor Coverings International NW Dallaswe provide plank hardwood flooring in a wide variety of styles and options for the greater Carrollton and Irving areas.

Plank hardwood flooring is the term generally used for any hardwood that comes in a width of three inches or greater. Hardwood plank flooring comes in almost as many varieties as there are wood, including maple, cherry, and oak.  This style of hardwood flooring first gained popularity in North America with the American settlers of the 17th century, who constructed their plank flooring from old growth forests. Now, in the 21st century, this style has re-surged once again. Homes across the nation and here in Carrollton are scurrying to find the oldest wood available, from sources like old log cabins or commercial construction, and repurposing it into modern settings for stunning effect.  For those who are more inclined towards modern construction, today’s plank hardwood can be distressed by hand to create the same time-worn appearance that has made reclaimed wood so popular.

In addition to aged wood, the other trend in plank hardwood flooring to know about as you consider your project is size – in today’s market, the wider the plank, the better.  At Floor Coverings International, we can help you find the perfect fit for your home that merges on-trend looks with your personal taste and budget.

If you would like to explore this look or have questions about how a wide plank hardwood floor would fit in your home, give the design associates and flooring experts at Floor Coverings International NW Dallas a call! We serve the greater Carrollton and Irving areas and can provide you with samples and expert advice.


Photo Credit:jovana veljkovic