If you’re in the market for hardwood flooring in the Carrollton area, you’ve probably started to consider whether you’re interested in prefinished or unfinished hardwood flprefinished hardwood flooring in carrolltonooring. Both finishing options offer their own unique set of considerations. Read on to learn more about prefinished hardwood flooring from the Carrollton area experts at Floor Coverings International NW Dallas.

All About Finishing

When flooring stores refer to a floor’s “finish,” they’re talking about the final protective coating that goes on any hardwood flooring product. Prefinished flooring refers to hardwood floors where the finish was added as a step in the manufacturing process. Unfinished flooring, or site-finished flooring, refers to hardwood floors that are finished at the customer’s home. The purpose of the finishing step is to better protect your flooring from stains, moisture, and everyday wear and tear.

Pros and Cons of Prefinished Flooring

If you’re interested in adding prefinished flooring to your home, there are a number of advantages to this option. First, prefinished flooring benefits from a uniform process. Because the finishing takes place during manufacturing, prefinished flooring makes use of the many resources and controls of the factory setting. Site-finished flooring, on the other hand, is more exposed to the possibility of human error. Some experts also believe that the factory finishing process results in better looking flooring – because the process is so uniform, the final flooring product has no discrepancies. Factory finished flooring also offers homeowners the benefit of timesavings; your floors will arrive ready to install with a beautiful finish made to last.

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