So you’re thinking of laminate flooring, but you’re not exactly sure why it’s so popular? Good news – our experts at Floor Coverings International NW Dallas are here to help. To get you started, we’ve outlined some of the best features of laminate flooring in the Carrollton and Irving areas.

laminate living room

Laminate flooring is durable

Laminate flooring is made of up four layers of materials that when fused together, provide an exceptionally strong unit.   It can withstand all kinds of damage and can hold up against tremendous pressure (unless you’re thinking of driving a tank through your living room.) Laminate flooring is scratch resistant, stain resistant, and sun-proof.

Laminate flooring is versatile

Laminate flooring’s versatility kind of reminds us of the “T” block in Tetris. It can go over and next to nearly any material. Have a concrete or vinyl subfloor? Laminate flooring can be installed. Is your kitchen tile and your bedroom carpet? Our experts at Floor Coverings International NW Dallas can install laminate flooring in between two flooring types due to the variety of trims and molds available.

Laminate flooring is appealing

So you want the Sistine Chapel’s floors in your living room? You guessed it – laminate flooring is what you’re looking for. Amazing high definition printing technology has made it possible for laminate flooring to emulate nearly any flooring surface. Most customers opt for laminate wood, laminate tile, or laminate stone. But hey, if you really want your family room to look like the beaches of South Padre Island, give us a call. We can probably make it happen!

Laminate flooring is cost-effective

Ah, the constant concern of cost. If your spouse is saying things like: “Honey, don’t be so cheap,” don’t worry. We won’t pass any judgment. But just know (shhh, we’re whispering now) that laminate flooring is generally less expensive than wood or stone flooring. Hurry – click on one of the links below before your spouse sees you’re browsing the most inexpensive flooring option.

Carrollton Laminate Flooring

Laminate Hardwood Flooring

If you’re still reading, please know that our flooring experts are here to answer all of your questions (we know you have a ton). Just call the number below. You should also know that we offer free in-home estimates to residents in the Carrollton and Irving areas.

Photo credit: Patryk Kosmider