Homeowners in the Carrollton and Irving areas have been walking on tile floors for decades. So what keeps customers coming back for more tile? To answer that question, our experts at Floor Coverings International NW Dallas offer some key benefits of tile floors.
tile floor kitchen Iriana Shiyan


Tile floors are commonly installed in kitchens and bathrooms because they are highly resistant to moisture. Spilled liquid and splashed water can easily be wiped away with little risk of permanent damage. This durability is of primary importance to homeowners in the Carrollton and Irving areas.


Tile floors are among the most beautiful flooring options available today. Creative homeowners utilize colorful ceramic tiles in all kinds of unique ways. Mosaic tile patterns and designs can be wonderful showpieces for homes.


Tile floors come in a wide variety of types. Ceramic and porcelain are each manufactured from heating natural clay. Popular natural stone tiles include travertine, slate, marble, granite, onyx, quartzite, and stone/pebbles. We can even install faux wood tiles (made from ceramic or porcelain and made to emulate real hardwood).

Resell Value

Many real estate agents will tell you that tile floors will increase the value of your home. Those eyesore floors in your kitchens and bathrooms could be holding your home back from getting top dollar. Just imagine how many more prospective buyers you could attract with updated tile floors.

Ease of Maintenance

Homeowners with children and pets know how quickly their floors can turn from clean to dirty. That’s why tile floors are such a great flooring option for homeowners who need a quick cleanup. Dirt, grim, and spills can be zapped away without worry.

We hope this short read was helpful as you continue your search for the perfect tile floors. Be sure to give us a call at the number below for a free in-home estimate! Our mobile showroom proudly serves residents in the Carrollton and Irving areas.

Photo Credit: Iriana Shiyan