Kitchen Tile Flooring

The beauty tile adds to the room is not the only reason why so many Carrollton homeowners opt for tile flooring in their kitchens. The kitchen experiences quite a bit of wear and tear compared to other rooms in the house. Many people spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and gathering. For these reasons as well as many others it’s important that the flooring material you choose for your kitchen is able to stand up to high levels of activity.

Why Tile?

One of the most appealing things about tile as a flooring material is its strength and durability. It can stand up to high levels of traffic without showing signs of wear. It also is great for homes with pets because it resists scratching. It doesn’t absorb odors or bacteria, and it resists staining and moisture.

Another reason why tile is great for kitchen flooring is because of the endless options available for material, pattern, and color. With all the style options to choose from, you’re sure to find something you love.

With all the activity the average kitchen experiences, food and moisture spills are inevitable. One of the greatest qualities of tile as a flooring material in the kitchen is that it’s low maintenance and can generally be easily cleaned with only warm water and a mop.

Things to Be Aware of

With all its appealing qualities, there are some downsides to tile. Its solidity is a benefit, but can also be one of these downsides. Dishes that fall to the floor will break most of the time. Tile is hard on the body after long periods of standing, but you can place rugs in high traffic areas to relieve the pain in your feet and your joints. Although most tile is stain resistant, a lot of grout is not. You should make sure to clean spills as soon as they happen to prevent grout stains. Some manufacturers have started making stain-resistant grout to try and combat this problem.

Here at Floor Coverings International NW Dallas, we have numerous tile varieties at great prices. We serve the Carrollton, Irving areas and offer free in-home estimates. Call today to schedule yours! You’re sure to find the perfect tile flooring to complement your kitchen.


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