Hardwood flooring is a highly desirable flooring option for homeowners in the Carrollton and Irving areas.   However, real hardwood can often come with a real big price. That’s why our experts at Floor Coverings International NW Dallas offer a surprisingly amazing alternative to real hardwood: vinyl wood flooring.

vinyl plank flooring

What Exactly is Vinyl Wood Flooring?

Vinyl wood flooring has the same characteristics as any other vinyl flooring except for one key feature—its pattern layer. Vinyl flooring is made of multiple layers of varying thickness, with materials ranging from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) chips and fiberglass to foam gel and urethane. The pattern layer is made by using special advanced 3D technology to transfer a photograph of the real wood directly onto the vinyl. This makes it extremely easy to emulate any type of hardwood on your vinyl wood floors. Distressed hardwood, Brazilian cherry hardwood, black hardwood, and unfinished hardwood floors are just some of the hardwood styles that can be achieved.

What Shape is Vinyl Wood Flooring Cut Into?

Vinyl wood can be printed onto sheet vinyl and square vinyl tiles. However, our experts at Floor Coverings International NW Dallas recommend you go with the vinyl plank shape to most closely match how real hardwood flooring is installed. Just look at the picture above. Can you believe that’s not a real hardwood floor!?

Why Choose Wood Vinyl Flooring?

There are many reasons to choose vinyl wood flooring over real hardwood. Here are a few:

  1. Vinyl wood flooring is less expensive than real hardwood flooring. This is great for homeowners with a budget. It also makes vinyl wood a great option for homeowners with frequently changing tastes, as vinyl flooring can be more easily and economically replaced with a new style of vinyl.
  2. Vinyl wood flooring is more durable than real hardwood flooring. Vinyl flooring is more water resistant and isn’t as prone to the cupping or warping often suffered by hardwood. Vinyl flooring is also less susceptible to scratching.
  3. Vinyl wood flooring is more comfortable than solid hardwood flooring. Vinyl is part of the resilient flooring category, meaning it has a little “give” when stepped on. This makes it a great flooring option for homes with children, pets, and elderly people.

We’re just getting you started with our excitement for wood vinyl flooring. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at the number below to schedule a free in-home estimate and design consultation.